Scalable, Cloud Financial Management Software Enables Painless Growth

Yardstick is a fast-growth company that’s become an award-winning powerhouse in the high-stakes licensure, certification, online training, and psychometric space. As Canada’s leader in online testing and training, the business operates multiple entities across North America, and recently acquired a large publishing house. In order to keep pace with the company’s rapid expansion, Yardstick’s finance team recently decided to upgrade from QuickBooks to a multi-entity, multi-currency, cloud-based financial management system.

Over the ten years it was on QuickBooks, the company’s chart of accounts had become complex and its finance team had adopted cumbersome workarounds to keep up with the sudden spike in e-commerce volume. For example, they were manually entering daily posts with aggregate funds collected through Yardstick’s custom e-commerce system, which meant that they had no transparency into revenue for specific items or customers.

With Sage Intacct, our financial close was cut in half, and that extra time is huge for us because we’re a small team. We’re saving five days of work for four people, which gives us back 20 days of work each month that we can put into more strategic activities.
Salma Kaida
Project Accountant

Previous business challenges

  • Complex chart of accounts
  • Cumbersome workarounds
  • Manual data entry
  • No transparency into revenue

Results with Sage Intacct:

  • Avoided $100,000 in annual headcount costs
  • Halved monthly financial close
  • Gained visibility for better decision-making
  • Software paid for itself in 4 months
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