Making Sense of a Complicated Entertainment Business

RIVR Media is a leading independent television producer with more than 100 hit shows such as Escaping Polygamy on LMN and Renovation Realities on DIY Network. Every show takes approximately six to nine months to complete, and includes up to thirteen episodes—each with its own projected budget and costs. Previously, the company’s finance team attempted to track all this project data in QuickBooks, which was nearly impossible even after adding hundreds of different account numbers in order to overcome the system’s shortcomings.

The company worked with LBMC Technology Solutions to migrate from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct's cloud ERP software, and integrated the system with Nexonia for more efficient time and expense management. Thanks to this best-in-class approach, RIVR’s finance team was able to get a solid grasp on its increasingly complex business environment.

Sage Intacct has freed my team up to focus less on tedious transactions, and much more on analysis and reporting that adds value to the business. At the same time, it’s saving us $100,000 every year from reduced headcount and IT support, and has put us in a great position to handle whatever volume comes our way as the company scales.
Mark Bellich
RIVR Media

Results with Sage Intacct

  • Powerful multi-entity, multi-dimensional general ledger improves project and financial visibility 
  • New reports empower producers to make better informed, more timely decisions 
  • Streamlined inter-company financial processes shorten monthly close by 3-4 days, and save more than 125 person-hours each month
  • Cloud-powered efficiencies help eliminate $100,000/year in headcount and IT costs
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