Sparta Systems

Sparta Systems won an Intacct Customer Success Award

Sparta Systems is an industry pioneer and global provider of enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solutions, enabling businesses to safely and efficiently deliver their products to market. Sparta Systems switched to Intacct in early 2015 and their results in such a short period of time have been phenomenal. Intacct enables the team at Sparta to better manage revenue recognition and project accounting, while gaining better visibility into its financial and operational metrics.

Sparta has truly embraced Intacct’s best-in-class approach by connecting Intacct with other business systems including Salesforce for CRM, Concur for advanced expense management, and Avalara for sales tax management. These integrations and the process improvements from Intacct have helped Sparta eliminate somewhere between 3-5 days of manual work per month. They also estimate that reduced headcount needs are saving the company about $200-250k each year.

Intacct also helps Sparta gain greater insights into the organization. Sparta uses Intacct dashboards for a variety of things, including collection monitoring and project accounting. They can now quickly access financial reports and key metrics around revenue and project profitability.

“Intacct has allowed Sparta to improve several processes that were manually managed before Intacct, such as revenue recognition, purchasing, expense integration, and project accounting,” said Libby Klayman, VP of Finance at Sparta Systems. “The efficiencies that we’ve gained with Intacct, particularly around revenue management, have enabled me to get more involved in the strategic decisions of the company and be more involved in how we’re moving this company forward and achieving new levels of growth.”