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A fast-growing global IT services company, ProKarma switched to Intacct in 2010 and significantly improved efficiency by streamlining and automating several financial processes.

For example, ProKarma used to spend 20-24 hours per month on global financial consolidations and with Intacct the same process now takes between two to four hours. As the company has grown, Intacct has also allowed ProKarma’s accounts payable team to process 40 percent more transactions without adding headcount.

Zero revenue leakage is a key tactical objective of ProKarma, and to achieve it the company applies not only good financial and KPI reporting, but pinpoint exception reporting. For example, its finance team uses Intacct to automatically generate weekly accounts receivable aging reports for specific managers based on invoices that are overdue by more than 60 days. ProKarma also uses Intacct Project Accounting to optimize its staffing and maximize project profitability, which helps drive accelerated growth.