IntegraMed is an Intacct Customer Award winner

IntegraMed is a specialty healthcare services company that offers products and services to medical providers and consumers within emerging, niche medical sectors. The company is growing fast. It now has more than 1,000 employees, and completed six acquisitions and added 20 new entities since making the switch from Sage to Intacct just two years ago. Intacct has helped IntegraMed eliminate the silos of information from their previous financial system and delivered new levels of insight into operations.

With IntegraMed’s previous financial system, adding business entities to the general ledger was a laborious process, as every entity had to be managed as a standalone operating entity in a silo. Now, with Intacct, the process of adding new entities as they complete an acquisition is a simple 5-minute process. Intacct enables the various entities to share a chart of accounts, vendors, etc. and provides roll-up capabilities to view consolidated financials as needed. This saves time and provides better visibility across the organization.

Using Intacct Dimensions, IntegraMed can also slice and dice its financial data to get results broken out by project or department, and can more easily analyze acquisitions to make better decisions. Intacct also makes it easy for users across the organization to run their own reports, eliminating an estimated eight days’ worth of work each quarter for the finance team—freeing them up to do more value-added activities.

“One of my philosophies in building a financial reporting structure is to move everything into the cloud so I can access all my data on a tablet while sitting on my front porch. I refer to that as Front-porch Accounting, and Intacct sits at the very center of that concept for me,” said John Kearns, VP of Finance and Corporate Controller for IntegraMed. “In addition to providing better visibility, Intacct has also allowed us to cut costs in a number of different areas—from eliminating the need for a third-party scanning service at a rate of $75,000 a year to better leveraging staff to accomplish our workload without adding new headcount.”