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Borderfree (Nasdaq: BRDR) is a leader in international cross-border ecommerce services, operating a proprietary technology and services platform that enables retailers and brands to easily market and sell to consumers in every corner of the globe. Borderfree processes millions of dollars in international sales volume for its customers and has expanded its customer base to include over 160 retailer and brand ecommerce sites. In March of 2014, just three months after going live on Intacct, Borderfree celebrated one of the most important milestones in the lifecycle of any company: the successful completion of its initial public offering.

Borderfree is constantly taking action to optimize the consumer experience and adding carriers, payment methods, and other supportive services on a regular basis. Intacct provides Borderfree with the ability to analyze the effectiveness of these initiatives and steer the course of change to provide value and effectiveness to both the consumer and merchant.

Other benefits achieved by moving to Intacct include:

  • Gained daily visibility into revenue and treasury activities.
  • Global consolidations capabilities streamlined and automated the process of closing the books, requiring less manpower and enabling them to publish verifiable results more efficiently—shortening the close time by about 50%.
  • Ease of use for the accountants and analysts, as well as accessibility from anywhere, at any time.