What to Bring

  • A properly teched and running car (see the SCCA Tech Sheet)
  • A valid drivers license
  • Car numbers/Painters tape/window paint/anything that can put your race number on the side of your car….
  • A Helmet meeting in accordance with current SCCA guidelines (optional – Loaners are available)
  • Tire Pressure Gauge (Optional)
  • Tools (optional)



Before the event:

  • Register for the event
    • While you can register on site the day of, if you register ahead of time it helps us speed up registration and makes it easier for us to get the event rolling. Even if you’re not sure if you’re going to come to the event, or if you plan on paying in cash in person, go ahead and head over to the Events Page or click on an upcoming event on our sidebar and register. You won’t be charged until you actually show up to the event and give us permission to charge your card, so if you don’t show up or you want to pay in cash we won’t touch the card you used for registration.
  • Look over your car
    • There’s no point in showing up for the event if your car isn’t going to pass tech and or make it through the day so be sure to go through a Tech Sheet before the event.
  • If you are bringing a minor (someone under the age of 16) Both parents must be present to sign a waiver so make sure that all custody holders are available during registration
  • Check our Facebook page or this website the day before the event in case of any last minute cancellations due to weather.
  • Fill up your tires to their max recommended PSI
    • RallyX puts a considerable lateral load on your tires and it is not uncommon for tires with low pressure to debead (come off the wheel) so make sure that your tires are filled up as high as Recommended on the side of the tire (DO NOT EXCEED THE RECCOMENDED MAX PRESSURE, DOING SO COULD PUT YOU AND OTHERS AT RISK), after the event you can let out air and return them to their usual pressures.


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