RallyX is a social sport, and most drivers are happy to give you advice and critique your runs. Ask someone with a similar car if you may follow them through a course walk. Maybe they’ll even think aloud for you (don’t do too much talking yourself, or you will be making them walk again). Ask if you can ride with them on a fun-run. Most of our competitors are more than happy to let someone ride along. If you’re not sure when to line up, go ahead and ask. Ask someone to watch your run if they have time, and tell you what needs changing. They’ll be glad to.

Sometimes events will conspire to keep a good driver from competing. It may be a broken car, it may be an injury that prevents them from being able to change tires. This is your chance! Offer that driver a ride (co-drive) in your car – make it free if you can afford to. So they use up $20 worth of tires. Not a bad price for a private instructor all day! Some of the greatest advice you can get will be from.

Try to help out. There is more work to be done than the mandatory course-work. This is an all-volunteer organization, so help is always appreciated. Luckily, this also puts you in a position to talk to other drivers, because the veterans are helping out, too. If you share the work, they’ll have more time to talk to you. Likewise, showing up early will help out the registration and tech crew, and give you more time to walk the course. Contact Juan Johnson at juanjoh77@gmail.com, if you’re looking for ideas to lend a hand.

Everyone stays to help clean up the course and paddock areas. Keeping the sites is important to everyone, so leave your Paddock area cleaner than you found it.

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